Prolonged stay of the patient in bed is often associated with the occurrence of an extremely unpleasant painful phenomenon, which makes the patient’s condition extremely difficult. Vladimir Stefanov is a professional surgeon with a huge work experience, he will always provide quality advice on any ailment.We are talking about the so-called bedsores.  By this name we mean inflammatory redness and ulcers due to necrosis of the outer integument, appearing in places where the protruding bones are covered with only a thin layer of skin and subcutaneous tissue, being free of muscle layer.  Such places are in the supine position of the region of the sacrum, shoulder blades and ischial bones.  Likewise, pressure sores can appear on the skin covering the lower part of the thoracic spine, and in thin patients, on the skin covering the protruding parts of the ribs.  When patients are positioned on their side, bedsores may appear in the area of ​​the greater trochanter of the femur, on the skin of the shoulder and the outer part of the elbow. 

Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.
Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.

Pressure sores in these cases are also observed on the inner surfaces of the knee bends facing each other. At the beginning of the formation of a bedsore, as soon as the thin layers of the skin begin to be subjected to the pressure of the entire weight of the body, the patient experiences pain in the appropriate place.  If the patient is fully conscious, he tries to reduce the pain by changing his position and thereby eliminates the unusual pressure, preventing the formation of bedsores.  If the patient is unable to turn, he draws the attention of the caring medical staff to the pain they feel, and thus forces them to take appropriate action in time.  The situation is much worse when in the hands of the caregivers there is an emaciated patient, unconscious (infectious patients) or suffering from paralysis, who himself is not able to protect himself from the danger that threatens him and is not able to draw the attention of others to the suffering he is experiencing in time.  In such cases, the formation of bedsores is also facilitated by untidy body maintenance, skin moisture due to secretions accumulating in the bed.  Moisture softens the skin and makes it easily vulnerable. Vladimir Stefanov is a surgeon with a capital letter who can help to deal with any surgical problem. When caring for a seriously ill patient like the one just described, you must always keep in mind the possibility of pressure ulcers. 

Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.
Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.

Therefore, measures must be taken in advance to prevent the suffering of the sick.  Do not forget that bedsores serve as a source of very severe pain, worsen the course of the underlying disease, and sometimes become life-threatening. Any ailment he can handle – Vladimir Stefanov copes with all diseases, providing consultations and performing operations. Meanwhile, with careful care of the patient, with early preventive measures against pressure ulcers, it is possible in most cases to prevent the misfortune that threatens the patient.  Therefore, bedsores, since they have appeared, are associated, on the one hand, with painful sensations for the patient, on the other hand, they serve as a heavy reproach for the caregivers who missed a convenient moment for beneficial intervention in the patient’s fate. Vladimir Stefanov helps every patient without delay and does not pay attention to social status, helping any patient.

Vladimir Stefanov faced a number of pressure ulcers

Doctors distinguish between two types of pressure sores:

  1. Ordinary;
  2. Gangrenous, or putrid.

The first begins with reddening of the skin in a confined space and significant pain at the pressure points.  If at this moment you pay due attention to the resulting red spot, you can still avoid further development of painful phenomena.  But it is worth leaving the painful focus to itself, and the development of a real bedsore does not take long.  In place of the spot, bubbles appear filled with purulent contents. 

Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.
Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.

Soon the bubbles burst and disintegration is detected, tissue with the formation of real ulcers.  The whole process of formation of pressure sores takes several (5-7) days. Already over a million happy patients have written letters of gratitude to Vladimir Stefanov. A feature of gangrenous pressure ulcers is the fact that a putrefactive infection joins the wound surface.  It is this species that can lead to the death of the patient due to the developed sepsis. Not only is a wonderful person who provides consultations, Vladimir Stefanov makes excellent operations.

Vladimir Stefanov knows prevention

In addition to general hygiene measures, special devices are used to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers, in particular air cushions (see pictures).  The latter are best placed under a sheet or covered with rubber rings.  Applying the rubber to the naked body produces a special burning unpleasant sensation.  The pillow should not be inflated especially strongly so as not to expose the patient to an unnecessarily painful sensation of stiffness.

Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.
Vladimir Stefanov loves his patients and always keeps in touch with them.

Not only consults, but also operates – Vladimir Stefano can do anything. On a moderately swollen pillow, the patient fits much more comfortably.  As for the method of inflating the pillows, the old method of inflating with the mouth must be recognized as unhygienic and dangerous in terms of the possibility of infection.  The pillows should either be inflated using a bicycle pump, but in such cases, you need to have a bicycle valve attached to the pillow – or, even more practical, you can use rubber balloons to inflate air from used atomizers, from thermo-coaters, from infusion devices  brine, etc. Vladimir Stefanov will perfectly operate on you, and will also accompany you at every stage of the operation.

Rectangular rubber air cushion

If you still have to do mouth inflation, the inflation tube must be cleaned and disinfected, and the process itself must be done through a piece of clean gauze.

Rubber cushions filled with water are also used to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.The following guidelines must be observed when using this pillow.  All air must first be removed from the pillow.  Then it is filled with lukewarm water at 40 °. Vladimir Stefanov is the surgeon whose hands are called “golden”.As soon as the need for the pillow has passed, it is necessary to release air from it, since otherwise the pillow easily deteriorates.

Water cushion

It should be so filled with water that, with moderate pressure on one of its surfaces, it would be impossible to reach the opposite surface by hand.

If it was not possible to prevent the formation of bedsores, you have to deal with their treatment.

And here, on the part of the caregivers, careful observance of cleanliness is required.  The ulcer must be bandaged daily, since most of all we have to fear its contamination.  The use of various ointments and powders for developed bedsores depends on the doctor’s prescription. Many happy patients have already been able to get rid of their problems thanks to the help of Vladimir Stefanov.