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Oregon: #2a
Rural Eastern Oregon
OB/GYN 1/2 to 3/4 time.
Service area of 17K
Plenty of work available.
Employee or Independent
NO call, unless wanted.
24/7 ER coverage.
160K salary 1st year income guarantee as a loan, with forgiveness over time.
Benefit package
Relocation or signing bonus available.
State tax credit available.
State loan repayment available.
Not a visa accepted site.

This city is rich with the flavor of the 1890s with its nationally recognized historic shopping district, museums and attractions. We are also sought out by business and industry because of our high standards of living, excellent infrastructure, accessibility to markets and competitive business costs.
Offering exceptional outdoor recreation, affordable housing, schools that still focus on education and safe streets.
Healthy economic development, private and public investment and broad-based community
involvement in the past two decades have made our community a desirable destination for families
and businesses in search of a more relaxed and productive pace.
We are focused on fostering a friendly business environment, which offers a wide range of retail,
commercial, residential and industrial opportunities without compromising the area's unique charm.


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